Image of The Ghost of Kurosawa: The Locust enamel pin
  • Image of The Ghost of Kurosawa: The Locust enamel pin
  • Image of The Ghost of Kurosawa: The Locust enamel pin

The Ghost of Kurosawa: The Locust enamel pin

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30mm tall enamel pin. Price includes shipping by regular mail to anywhere in the world. International shipping will usually take 10-20 days for the package to get to where you are.

Ghost of Kurosawa

In the desolate world thousands of years after the Third World War exists survivors of our mankind cornered into the shadows, away from the ruling hive-minded race of intelligent machines.

Left with only rare remnants of memories from our distant lost civilization, the hidden dwellers find religion in what we consider today as mere popular culture -- though in its inner cores of fiction they find hope in the recurring concepts of love, rebellion and freedom, from which champions have emerged to lead the resistances against the oblivion of mankind.

The mad men who are sane in the now mad world campaign their peoples' claim to their right to exist, and from these men manifests one enigmatic ruthless messenger of Akira's unearthed doctrines of insurrection and vengeance, the man known only as... the Ghost of Kurosawa!

The 43 Locusts Division

Inspired by the works and the tales of the lone warrior who battles the hive-minded machines, the 43 Locusts are comprised of rebels who dwell in the woodlands of one of the last left safe havens for humans who have trained themselves to fight for the cause of humanity's survival against extinction. They have designed their armours to the same fashion as of Ghost of Kurosawa's, and regard the warrior as a deity.

The 43 Locusts are regarded to be one of the most skilled groups of human soldiers whom have independently fought against the hive-minded machines away from the efforts of the joint forces of other remaining Human colonies.