Image of TALISMANIAC flight tag [Set of 3]

TALISMANIAC flight tag [Set of 3]


$33.00 / Sold Out

Price shown is in USD. This is for a set of 3 as shown in the pic.

The perfect flight tag for those who wanna join us in hell.

Embroidered flight tag [on both sides]
Size: 12 cm x 3 cm

For the benefit of those who do not understand what the Chinese characters mean...

草泥马 or Cao Ni Ma actually means Alpaca (but it can also mean Fuck Your Mother)
王八蛋 or Wang Ba Dan means Son of a Turtle (or Bastard)
他妈的 or Ta Ma De means Damn it! (Or Fuck)

Flight tags will be shipped in a padded envelope via regular mail without a tracking number. International shipping will take about 10-20 working days.