Galactic Warriors - SGCC2023 MINTABLE Exclusive


Price shown is in USD.

We've made a special colorway of 3 of our Galactic Warriors, the Silence is Golden edition in collaboration with MINTABLE for SGCC2023. These figures will start shipping mid-Jan 2024.

Choice of Terramando, Bobacotta & Deathtrooper
Cast in resin
Stands 9.5" tall
Edition of 10 each

In an exciting fusion of the physical and digital worlds, this edition of Galactic Warriors is now being offered as phygital NFTs. Each piece will be tokenized as a non-fungible token (NFT), representing both a digital and physical asset.

This unique approach immortalizes each Galactic Warrior on the blockchain, ensuring its rarity and distinctiveness as an edition of 10 per figure is preserved for eternity.

Ownership of these NFTs is easily verifiable and secure, enhancing their value and collectibility. Upon purchasing any of these Galactic Warriors, a wallet will be automatically created using the email provided during the purchase. The corresponding NFT, representing the physical statue, will then be directly minted to this wallet.

The wallet can be accessed via Mintable by logging in to your Mintable account with the same email.