Image of Watari Kappa by Javier Jimenez
  • Image of Watari Kappa by Javier Jimenez

Watari Kappa by Javier Jimenez

by Javier Jimenez


Price shown is in USD.

We brought in some of these babies for STGCC 2017 and have a couple of sets left for online sale.

Set of 2
4.5in tall vinyl

Shipping quoted is via registered mail which will take about 14-20 working days for international shipping.

Back Story
Watari Kappa is a young kappa girl who lived in a small pond. Life at the pond was so boring for her. She really wanted to see the world, but her friends and family said she should stay at the pond, as the world was a full of dangers.

One day, a mysterious traveler stopped by the pond and told her stories about all the beautiful places he had seen...and this gave her the courage to leave the pond and start her own trip! Now she's travelling all around the world, discovering many wonderful places and of course, facing danger and adventure!